Senior Unity developer -557613

Our client develops immersive experiences and interactive installations for entertainment, educative, advertising and industrial purposes. Between a technology start-up and a content studio leverages high-end technology to tell engaging and memorable stories.

Developping or producing original projects such as the mobile game Type: Rider or the VR Notes on Blindness & Spheres experiences. For these projects, they have created specific tools and technologies related to interactivity, audio or image.

Your Role

Under the responsibility of the project manager, you will be responsible for the development of AR / VR experiences and mobile video games under Unity (C #)
You will participate in different tasks during the developments, such as:
• Gameplay development in accordance with established game design
• Graphic development (shaders, post-process, …)
• Developments specific to virtual reality and / or augmented reality
• Added functionality to internal AR / VR libraries.
• Various optimizations
You will have to interact with different professions (graphic designers, sound designers, game designers). You will participate, thanks to your ideas and knowledge in the design of projects and their successful implementation.
• Excellent knowledge of Unity 3D engine, C # and OOP (3 years minimum experience)
• Experience in graphic development and optimization (Shaders, Post-process, etc.)
• Knowledge of constraints related to VR / AR developments and mobile developments
• Ability to work in a team, giving and receiving constructive feedback.

More About our client: 
• Virtual Reality
• Augmented Reality
• Interactive Installations
• Transmedia & Video Games
• Médiation culturelle
• Industry 4.0 & Training
• Brands & Advertising
• Entertainment & Games