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Our global approach of recruitment allows you to hire the best profiles for your teams!

We Are Your Favorite Partner

We are a team of tech recruiters and relocation specialists. This combination ensures that we provide solutions to ensure the success of your recruitments.

Dedicated to IT/Tech

We only recruit tech people. We use our adaptive hiring process with our talent pool to select the best fit for you.

An extended network

We’ve got the hard-to-find talent you struggle to reach. TalentVisa gives you access to an extended network of professional-level talents located in several countries and willing to relocate to France. Our database includes candidates from many locations worldwide. And each day, our talent pool gets deeper.

Expert in immigration

We advise, assist you in order to optimize the international immigration of the new hire. We assist you and him in the application for work visas. We can also give full support in document preparation and application submission for a successful project!

Expert in relocation

We provide move management, home search, and destination programs. Whatever you want to offer to your new hire, TalentVisa can provide a tailor-made solution to suit you.

Get the right candidate now!

We have great Tech Talents for you:

International mobility and immigration go hand in hand! We support you throughout your project and we are your single point of contact from start to finish.

What makes TalentVisa different from others is that our experienced consultants knows our the talent pool. We propose you only the candidates if your company is a good fit for them.

As well as additional information to help you with your hiring project, there is no hidden costs.

We can vary the combination of each element of support based on your particular needs and budget.

Worldwide Support

Located in France with a large network in Asia, we are here to help you at each step.

Tailored Solution

Your needs are unique. We design a journey specifically for you. We are here to help you whenever you need.

Best Job Candidates

Our team selects rigorously the candidates that suit you hard skills and soft skills. We are committed to finding you the talent that suits you.


Your success first

We strive to assist you to succeed in your recruitment strategy. Talents are fuel for growth.